Funivie del Lago Maggiore

Have you ever agreed to do something that you realize is insane only once it’s far too late?

Laveno Funivie Buckets

That happened to me this weekend, as I clung to my toddler inside a bucket that dangled from a cable over a mountain at Funivie del Lago Maggiore. It was the price to pay for not wanting to carry the kids on a 3-hour mountain hike to lunch.

Laveno Funivie Bucket Lift

It was fine, of course, even better when the little dude let me put him down on the floor of the cable “car” to rest my arms. Even better yet when I turned to look back and caught a stunning, foggy view of Laveno and Lake Maggiore.

Laveno Funivie Bucket Lift Lake View

I’ve never considered that I might have a fear of heights, but in motherhood I’ve discovered that I have a fear of heights when my children are involved. From Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland, to the ravine in a bamboo forest in Prattville, Alabama, my heart leaps at the thought of one of my kiddos taking a tumble over a steep ledge. I stayed a sensible distance from the railing while gasping at the views over Lago Maggiore and was grateful that the somewhat fenced-in playground was behind the restaurant.

Lago Maggiore Fog

Vino rosso was required with lunch at the mountaintop restaurant to steady my legs for the trip back down. But it was definitely a trip worth taking.

Laveno Bucket Lift Family

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