A Day in Switzerland

Our drive to Switzerland is shorter than our drive to Milan. We decided to make a quick family day of Lugano-Paradiso after the internet told us we could find a funicular with a spectacular view.

Lugano (1 of 1)

That research did not reveal that said funicular – all of them, really – is closed for the season.

So we followed the path around the lake (Lake Lugano, that is) and wandered the swank shopping district of Lugano instead, ooooh-ing at Ferraris on the street and aaaaah-ing at beautiful watches selling for tens of thousands of dollars.

Lugano Watch Shop

I had a spectacular (and tourist-y pricey) pizza at Argentino in the town’s main piazza, enjoying the sun and prosecco as the kids kind of didn’t murder each other.

Lugano Candy Shop

It was a lovely day for aimlessly browsing the flea market stalls lining the streets. At least one of us was delighted to find the Over the Top motion picture soundtrack on vinyl. And that was our souvenir of this day, since furs and jewels aren’t really our bag.

Lugano Pedal Boaters

Now we can say we’ve been to Switzerland as a family (because I went to Lucerne with girlfriends, holla!), and that’s something, right?

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