What to Do with Figs

In the category of “Things I Never Expected” you will find the fact that we have a fig tree in our yard. I can’t tell you the variety, as I really know nothing about figs. It wasn’t until a bird massacred a dangling fig, disemboweling it and leaving a flap of red, pulpy insides hanging from the branch that I realized the fruit was actually ripe. (It looks as gory as it sounds.)

So Many Figs

With a little internet research I discovered that my figs are ready when they are mostly purple, begin to droop and appear to be ready to burst. Peak ripeness is achieved when a glistening droplet emerges from the bottom of the fruit. THEN you pick, because figs don’t ripen off the tree. No one likes an unripe fig.

It turns out many figs ripen at once. And then a couple of days later, and then a couple after that. We’re in the figs, people. Figs for days. Maybe even weeks?

My first order of business: fig jam. Fig jam with gorgonzola, with brie, on top of toast spread with ricotta. In a marinade for beef.


But we’re still waiting for our household goods to arrive and I don’t have a pot large enough to properly can the preserves, so I’m on a quest for All the Ways to Consume Figs. Here are some recipes I’ve found that I’m excited to try:

You can follow my Figs Figs Figs Pinterest board for more ideas. Because I’ll need many, many more. How do you like to eat your figs?

4 thoughts on “What to Do with Figs

  1. I LOVE FIGS. I had an apartment once with a fig tree and fig week was the happiest week of the year. Now I am reduced to purchasing them at obscene prices at the grocery store. Maybe one day I’ll have my own tree again…

    Oh and my favorite fig recipe: Fig Bruschetta! Fig, mascarpone or fresh ricotta cheese, sea salt, honey, on little toasted baguette slices. Mmmmm….

  2. Oh and we subbed honey for half of the sugar (but only because my friends have bees and a honey surplus, I’m sure it’s just as good with another sweetener)

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