When It’s Time to Get a Haircut

If you know me in real life, you know that I have pretty great hair. It’s healthy, it’s fine but thick and straight, and it’s a color that every stylist I’ve had screeches protests against changing. It is also attached to my head, which is attached to my style-deprived body. As such, I let it air dry, or not exactly, then let it grow and grow until it becomes too unwieldy for the messy knot of my Mom Uniform.

Hair cut

Every two years or so I chop off about 10 inches to donate. Usually I wait for some kind of inspiration to strike. That feeling of a need for a change, or perhaps an act of taking control at the beginning of a deployment. Through the winter I had gotten used to my long (looooong) hair and wasn’t feeling particularly inclined to take it to the scissors, despite my last trip to the salon having been a half-year ago (eek!).

Then, at the turn of the year, I learned that a friend of mine is battling cancer (again, dammit). Minutes after receiving the news I knew that the time had come: it was time to donate my hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, which will use my hair in a wig for a woman who is fighting cancer.

So I did it. Victoria at Amplify snipped off my ponytail, which went promptly into a Ziploc bag. I instantly felt lighter and prettier. I felt as if I was taking ownership of my life by lopping off this slightly cumbersome though mostly ignored excess.  Best of all, I felt satisfaction that what is ultimately such a small act can make a big difference to someone else. And isn’t the fact that I’m able to do this at all the greatest gift to myself?

If you’re teetering on the chop it-or-not fence, I encourage you to just do it. Go here to see exactly what you need to do to donate your hair, too. I’d love to hear your story about making the big cut!


3 thoughts on “When It’s Time to Get a Haircut

  1. So thoughtful and for a great cause. I made sure the mentioned friend didn’t miss this read.

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