A Year to Make My Heart Sing

2014 Collage

Things have been quiet since we moved to Alabama from England. Perhaps because life has been rather quiet? We’ve settled into a solid routine that makes our days fairly predictable and calm, if a little busy and noisy. Once I convinced myself that I don’t require as much “me” time as I used to hope for (you know, to write blog posts and all that), it has all felt pretty good.

Now that I have a little window of time I am at a loss of what to write. There has been so much! Lessons in parenting (what to do when you catch your four-year-old sneaking a chocolate from a bin at World Market), observations of American life and frugality (do you really have any idea how much stuff you buy that you really, truly don’t need?!), little adventures (a family walk in the woods), outings (McWane Science Center in Birmingham), little mishaps (getting locked into a bathroom at a restaurant with a toddler), big achievements (committing to an outdoor exercise routine), milestones (our first preschool concert), amazing meals (Thanksgiving with a Kenyan family or dinner at Central with my mom), good books (thanks for Princess, book club!), and finding peace (feeling so fortunate to be able to spend this time at home with my children). We just returned from a fun week with family in Minneapolis, too.

Life is good. And sometimes complicated and messy and hard. Holding that in my heart as we launch into 2015 makes me feel prepared for the adventure to come. This is probably a good thing; we have six months left in Alabama and no hints as to what’s next.

I wish you and yours the happiest and healthiest of years in 2015! xx

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