My oldest son is four now.

On a Train

Apparently four-year-olds are allergic to looking at a camera and smiling nicely. Pretty much the same as three.

I know there will come a day when I’ll laugh at myself for thinking that this is such a momentous feat. After all, one day he’ll start kindergarten; one day he’ll graduate high school; one day he’ll be out on his own. All of that big stuff, that “Life” stuff, that’s still ahead. And I am so looking forward to seeing what it brings.

This guy. He’s brilliant and charming. He’s an eager helper (usually) and likes teaching his friends or brother how to do things. He’s pretty even-keeled (in the mornings), often thinking through what is happening around him before reacting (until he’s tired or hungry or, worse, hangry). He only stops talking to focus on something he’s really interested in, like building Legos or watching a show. He’s always making connections between the things he sees and what he has learned. It seems he forgets nothing. Mostly.

First Fish

He knows nothing about basketball and thinks quarterbacks play baseball. We’ll work on that. We have hope, though: he has caught a few fish on his very own Lightning McQueen fishing pole and he rides a bike without training wheels.

He still loves trains, though he’s more and more interested in playing Legos these days. We blame the massive influx of Lego sets for his birthday, though no one is really put out by it. He’ll spend hours (HOURS) by himself building a set by the book and breaking it apart. His unique creations are becoming more symmetrical and elaborate – who knows what he’ll be capable of by the time he reaches the actual recommended ages for these toys?

He’s also quite stubborn when he wants to be. Navigating his obstinance is a challenge, mostly because he reserves it for the most inconvenient times. Other times he’s exploring a new tactic of insisting that we’re wrong about stuff for the sake of arguing. Then there are the times when he drags out a string of “Why?”s simply to push us over the edge. What four year old doesn’t?

But then he’ll do something incredibly charming and we all move on.

He is pretty sophisticated in his ability to manipulate us. Offering limited choices. Telling us what will happen after we do what he wants us to do. Negotiating. We’re certain that one day he’ll be in charge of something important and will be very, very good at his job.

He really is an amazing kid. I’m so lucky he’s mine.

Best of all, his little brother adores him. The only thing sweeter than the two of them playing together is hearing Walden say, “Bring it in!” before hugging him, not thinking we’re watching. So cute.

Birthday Boy

Here’s to the best four year old I know! <3

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