I’m the worst at picking up on memes. By the time I think of participating, it’s because my mom’s friends are doing it, and then I know it’s probably long past its prime.

Anyway. It’s a #tbt kind of day.


The ACSC book club kicked off last night. It was hosted by a beautiful woman who lived in a beautiful home, both of which reminded me of our glory days back in Omaha, in Dundee in our 20’s. One of her dogs reminded me of one of our dogs who is now happily homed with family in Minnesota. It was a mini-fling with the life we had before kids. I loved it.

Back Home in Indiana

And then… I met another woman who has actually been to a fourth of July fireworks show in Fowler, Indiana. It’s a town with a population of 2,000, people. This is a big deal. Have you even heard of Fowler, Indiana? Right.


And THEN… one of my best friends had a case of Bounty chocolate bars delivered to my doorstep. She remembered that I fell in love with these long ago, either on a trip to the Bahamas or Guatemala, well, probably the Bahamas, doesn’t matter which because now I’m nostalgic for both.

You guys, life is crazy good. Enjoy.



One thought on “Throwback

  1. Aw how sweet is your friend! I forget how accessible mail can be with sending thoughtful packages like that. And yes, I sometimes find myself way late in the game when it comes to trends. Took me forever to just get on social media in general!

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