And We’re Back

Boys in MN

Helloooooo America!

OK, so we’ve been here nearly a week already. But Hello anyway. The general rule of thumb for overcoming jet lag is that it takes one day per time zone to adjust, so we’re just now coming out of that zombie-like state that comes with transatlantic travel.

Our 18-hour travel day went as well as can be expected. Bertie fell asleep for an hour on takeoff from London. Walden fell asleep for about 30 minutes en route. We crashed the USO at O’Hare and were able to fly standby on an earlier flight to Minneapolis. There weren’t any irrecoverable meltdowns and all of our luggage arrived with us. An overall win in my book, with bonus points for hopefully being our last departure from Heathrow until the boys are big enough to carry their own bags onto the plane.

Minnesota summer is unbeatable. The weather has been incredibly mild, which has helped us acclimate gently to summer-like temps. We’ve visited the Minnesota Children’s Museum, mostly to unleash our jet lagged children on the Thomas & Friends’ Explore the Rails exhibit. We visited the Minnesota Zoo. Play grounds, parks, cousins, Legos (SO MANY LEGOS), bike rides, walks along the creek, burgers, bagels, farmer’s markets, Target…and lots of iced coffee.

We’ve set up new phones, we’ve found a car. We’ve made plans for a date night, an REI shopping trip and a Twins game, and I’m excited that one of my sisters-in-law is taking me to a show tonight. Time is flying!

Next week we visit my family in Indiana and hopefully consume our weight in fresh, delicious sweet corn. Then we’re off to Alabama to wait for our stuff to arrive and send the big guys to school. We’re so fortunate that we’re able to load up on most of our family after being overseas for three years.

Also, summer in the Midwest should be on everyone’s bucket list. Have you been?

2 thoughts on “And We’re Back

  1. Can’t wait to get your new digits and here about the new wheels! Welcome back to America! xx

  2. Yay, you made it! You’re here! Well, not here because I’m still a zillion miles away from you, but how hopefully your transition continues to be smooth. How exciting for the kiddos. I’m sure everything’s a whirlwind for them and they’re acclimating to their new place!

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