Military Life

The Final Countdown

Whelp, our stuff is packed in crates somewhere out there and we’re officially living out of suitcases. I appreciate any and all wishes for our household to arrive in Alabama in fewer than 3 months (unlike last time)!

This post is pretty scatterbrained. We’ve had a very busy few weeks, full of preparation for the move, last minute sight-seeing and keeping the kids happy. I regret that I wasn’t more dedicated to posting when we arrived in England. (Or since. Sigh.) So with that I’m just dumping it all right here before it’s forgotten in the hot, hot glorious sun of American summer. Anyway, I’m sitting in a dark hotel room in London while Albert naps. I’d nap too, except for that lunch time latte. (Sleep hasn’t been abundant these days).

With it being summer in Britain, stuff is actually going on and happening. It all gets concentrated in the June-August timeframe. Then you’re left grumbling about the rain and slugs and cold for the rest of the year.

Sports Day

Walden had his first foot race at his school “sports day.” He said, “Are you going to watch me win, Mom?” I guess he doesn’t count the kid who won as part of the competition?

Boulogne sur Mer

I took a day bus trip to France with a friend. Boulogne-sur-Mer. Heard of it? No? I’ll tell you about it one of these days.

The Berts

Bertie’s front molars are all here!

Country Show Collage

We took the boys to the West Suffolk Game & Country Show. It rained (SURPRISE), but we got to see our first Punch & Judy Puppet Show. It was performed in a classic 1860’s style with wooden puppets made in 1934. Call me a modern woman, but I wasn’t crazy about the domestic violence/child abuse/cop beating perpetrated by Mr. Punch. Just sayin’. HOW is it OK for this show to be performed?

There was a steam traction engine parade. I don’t know what we’re going to do for fun when we live somewhere that doesn’t have loads of steam relics to entertain my husband and preschooler. (Maybe we should buy this place?)

Wales Collage

We went to Wales over the weekend of the 4th. It was fantastic and I’ll tell you all about it, too. One hint: there was a steam train (SURPRISE). Also: 1988 UK-produced Trivial Pursuit.


Walden’s teachers made a good-bye card, with a blue steam locomotive on the front. (See what I mean?) Honestly, receiving that was the most emotional part of this move. At least with my friends from the squadron we really mean it when we say, “See you later.”

Our landlord thanked us for taking such good care of our house. It’s funny, because I’m a horrible house keeper, but I get some satisfaction in knowing that I can fake it well enough.

And finally, temporary lodging is surprisingly more luxurious than when we first arrived three years ago. Don’t get me wrong; nothing has changed. It’s just that… air conditioning! A dryer! A garbage disposal! Never mind that it’s as large as the space we actually used in our house. I no longer have to brave A1101 to get to the commissary.

Tomorrow we fly. I’ve reminded myself of my own advice for making a transatlantic flight with a 17-month-old. We’re lucky that Walden is an A+ traveler/iPad-player and we don’t have to sweat entertaining him on a plane. (The Chuggington game I downloaded yesterday is a sure-fire win. I can only hope he’s always so easy to please.) Best of all, there are grandparents waiting for them at the finish line.


One thought on “The Final Countdown

  1. Praying for a safe and happy flight back to the States! I will miss reading about your European adventures, but look forward to seeing Alabama from your eyes. :)

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