Flurry? Whirlwind? Cyclone? I’m unsure which weather feature best describes our current state of existence.

Bertie in Shades

June is half over. More than a month has passed since our epic road trip, which I’m still hoping to detail here. (I’m really only three days in. We were gone for 12. It might be a while.) We’ve celebrated Walden’s half-birthday (that’s 3.5 if you’re keeping track), our ninth wedding anniversary, the 70th anniversary of D-Day, Bertie’s 16 month birthday, Father’s Day… surely something else. My husband drove a train? The movers arrive a week from tomorrow. We have just a few weeks left in England. Can you believe it?

The Guys at the Air Show

My husband’s work has been bonkers lately. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper overseas PCS (that’s milspeak for permanent change of station) for us if his work didn’t suddenly become overwhelming. Pile on the extra appointments and errands associated with the PCS, then break a car, and you suddenly have no time for nothin’ at all. (Not lately, at least.)

Speaking of work, I was contacted about an amazing job opportunity that set my heart aflutter. It’s logistically impossible given our current situation, but it lit that spark I’ve wanted to feel about going back to work. Now I can’t get the idea out of my head. Somewhere on my To Do list is something like “get your professional act together and find a fulfilling job.”

Summer collage

I’ve been selling our old baby stuff and random items that just need to go. Sorting, organizing, strategizing which items will come on the plane with us, which will go into an “unaccompanied baggage” shipment ahead of our full household goods shipment. (You may recall that our HHG took three months to arrive getting here…). The whole process makes me wish there were no Things to deal with in the first place. Especially considering that this next assignment is for one year and we have no idea where we’re going next.

We’re researching the best way to get from Chicago to Minneapolis, new cars, washers & dryers, Internet providers, swim lessons and play groups, and how to pay for it all. (At least we have preschool booked.) There are utilities to cancel and set up, a house to clean for vacancy, a car to prep for a month on a ship, mail forwards and holds… and children who demand attention and food and butt-wipings.

The Boys

All things considered, the boys are really great. By which I mean, if you overlook the teething whining and clinginess, Bertie is quite endearing. He dances, he cuddles, he loves animals and added “flower” to his five-word vocabulary the other day. He also climbs and has no fear of falling (as evidenced by a recent dive off the neighborhood play structure, from which he was saved by my surprising agility). Walden has become such a little person, often times reasonable, with a grand imagination and deep thirst for learning. He can write his name, spell and recognize a handful of words, play independently, and – most impressive of all, because I can’t help but be that obnoxious braggart mom – ride a bike with pedals and no training wheels.

They’re both SO BIG! (I mean, not BIG big, but big to us.)

Where has time gone, I ask you? How does it get gobbled up so quickly, without warning that it’s just disappearing forever?

So, in a nutshell (but not the Nutshell pub, the smallest pub in England, which I haven’t visited yet although it is in town, and now is another thing on my to-do list): things are a bit hectic here. That said, I feel pretty well on top of things (thanks to our shared Google calendars and the binder I’ve started). Except for the dumb shit I keep doing, like putting the iced tea pitcher in a cabinet, or re-paying for Bertie’s nearly empty container of Puffs.

Overall, though, it seems that getting out of here takes less effort than coming over (thank goodness), but perhaps just having a bit of experience is making it seem that way.

Regardless, see you in less than a month, America!

2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Sounds like you a got a handle on it Lynn! Well done. I can’t imagine having to PCS overseas worrying about little ones in addition to myself. I look forward to hearing about the “job opportunity.”

  2. Wow Lynn I can’t believe you only have a month left there! I imagine it’ll be pretty hectic moving overseas. I hope all goes well and smooth! And with your return to the workforce, too! Your boys really are getting bigger. I still remember we were blogging about toddlers when our eldest boys were that age.

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