A Travel Lesson: Know Your Holidays


I’m in the midst of stockpiling content for new posts. Lucerne, Switzerland; driving through France; Barcelona… but I need to share this first.

Today is Labor Day in Spain, as in many other countries. Alas, I wasn’t aware of this and so didn’t prepare for it. Instead, we drove most of the way to Montserrat with a zillion (approximately) other people. Then we turned around and drove back to the cogwheel train station to take the train up the mountain with approximately a half-zillion other people.

Despite the fact that Walden woke twice last night (including the time he fell out of his bed onto the wood floor), the boys were fairly tolerant of the crush of fellow tourists at the monastery. There just came a time when we had to call it a day, though, so we headed back down to stop at the grocery store for dinner supplies without taking the funicular train to the very top of the mountain.

The grocery store closes on Labor Day. So do the restaurants in the suburbs like where we’re staying, we found out. We were down to one option: McDonald’s. No joke. We wasted one of our Spanish meals on McDonald’s. Not even pizza by the beach. Not even homemade faux-paella on our terrace with a local wine. MCDONALD’S. Isn’t that what America is for?

I know I should be grateful that we ate at all, but I can’t stop being mad at myself for not seeing the holiday coming. So. This is my advice to you, fellow wanderer: check out the holidays your destination celebrates and plan accordingly!

Bonus tip: If you don’t have kids and you have the travel bug… GO! Figure out how to make it happen and just go while it’s easy. Trust me.

4 thoughts on “A Travel Lesson: Know Your Holidays

  1. That is both awesome (been there…) and so painfully frustrating. Hopefully you can make up for it! Also, there is a great tapas place in London I haven’t been to yet, so in case you don’t get to one this weekend in Spain we can always meet up there ;).

  2. We have also “been there.” Just recently in Greece. And even though we don’t have kids to feed, I get super hangry and it was touch and go there for a bit until we found something.

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