It’s the Month of the Military Child

I’m a little slow on the Month of the Military Child content this year, but it will come. Here’s what I wrote when Walden was hardly older than Bertie is now!


Welcome to April!

Suddenly there seem to be a million things I’d like to write about. There’s my husband: Mustache March has ended! He was selected for promotion to major! He had a wonderful time in Belgium with friends (and bought me the hands-down-most-delicious chocolates on the planet)!

There’s life in England: The weather has been AMAZING! I went to London’s Borough Market with friends and saw the biggest English muffins EVER! My creative writing class has ended. (No exclamation point for that one.)

There’s life with my 16-month-old: He discovered how to remove his diaper/how gross poo is during a very messy naptime this week! He knows how to move chairs to climb onto the table! He has his first wagon!

All of these things are part of our settled-for-now life as an overseas military family. The regular stress of his job, the magic of…

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