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Ramblings from the English Countryside


rapeseed field

I guess I’m not technically IN the countryside, despite the fields and farms I see from one of my bedroom windows. The other windows of our house reveal the crush of neighbors, their tiny efficient cars wedged together in front of the squeezed and stacked homes of these suburban English developments. (And that’s “spacious” compared to the residences of the town centre.)

A nearby rooster crows through a cracked window. The bedroom needs a breath of fresh air, since I’ve set up camp here after a nasty fall this weekend. Well, the fall wasn’t so nasty, it was just a few stair steps, but the resulting lumbar contusion that left me unable to walk upright certainly was.

I am now vertical with the help of some pain relievers, most of the time, but find myself much more comfortable in a reclined or side-lying position, with something from Netflix playing on my iPad. I just finished Orange is the New Black. Any other recommendations?

telephone booth book exchange great livermere

Anyhoo. The weekend was fabulous prior to The Incident. We lounged with friends, went to a birthday party, went out for dinner (without the kids!). We went to Bressingham Steam & Gardens as a family and enjoyed a lovely evening in the back yard, then… the fun ended.

My favorite part may have been our spontaneous decision to drive through the countryside to find a rolling rapeseed field to photograph (the kids had fallen asleep!). I’ve snapped the shocking yellow fields on Instagram a time or two, but those shots don’t convey the captivating feeling of the grand swaths of bright yellow on the horizon. I couldn’t help but stop for a shot of this iconic phone booth-turned-book exchange in Great Livermere, too.

Stay tuned for more on Bressingham. You haven’t seen happy until you’ve seen a three-year-old train enthusiast board a working narrow gauge steam train!




7 thoughts on “Ramblings from the English Countryside

  1. Aw it’ll be so exciting for your little guy to actually get to board those trains he loves so much!

    That is a gorgeous photo by the way. Makes me relaxed just looking at it :)

    And I’m so behind on television, mainly because I don’t have one haha. But I finally got my hands on the Downton Abbey DVDs and I’m loving it so far. I also like Call the Midwife from Netflix. And wow they’re both British series lol.

  2. That photo is so cool! Sorry to hear about your back. Hope you are feeling better! I must have slept funny last night because I woke up this morning feeling like my shoulders were suddenly 2 different heights. Not at all comparable to back pain, but it gave me a new appreciation for my health and respect for people who have to deal with chronic muscle pain daily!

  3. You just reminded me about the rooster we had (in a neighboring yard) in Italy. I hated that thing when we first arrived and then grew to love it waking us up in the mornings.

    Also, you must watch White Collar…it’s one of my favorite shows and it’s on Netflix!

  4. Hope you are feeling better and thanks for stopping by- I look forward to reading more! It looks beautiful where you are- we so hope to go abroad at some point!

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