The English Fence

The Fence

Around Christmas a panel of our green 8-foot-tall fence blew over. We’d call it a privacy fence in America. It’s just a garden wall here in England. The apple tree (shrub?) caught it. I called the letting agent to report it, whereupon they scoffed at the idea that someone would be able to do anything about it before the new year.

The panel banged between the shrubby tree and our neighbor’s trampoline through many more nights of ridiculous winds. Just after the new year I heard our neighbor slip a handwritten note through the mail slot in our door. They were contacting someone to repair the fence, the note said. So I told the letting agency, which reported back that the landlord wanted to split the cost of the repair. I gave the details to the neighbor, written, through their mail slot during the day.

Halfway through March I received a typed note through the mail slot. The note requested I reply through another note.

So. There was an enormous gaping hole in our fence for nearly 4 months, and we have yet to see our neighbors. I suspect this is all very English.

5 thoughts on “The English Fence

  1. Oh my, you have to love the pace of things here in the UK. LOL. Our washer just went out yesterday and I am terrified to know how long we will be without it. Previously it has taken weeks to get any type of response from our landlord and then who knows how long to get someone to fix it. It took nearly 2 months for someone to flip a switch so we could have internet. Oh my, no washer for 4 months… I may have a nervous breakdown. LOL. Best of luck with your situation!

  2. But they’re so polite about it! I don’t feel like that would be the tone of the note were it being passed in the States…

  3. Seattle has a weird quirk where businesses won’t call you back or follow up after sometimes even giving you a quote for work…you literally can’t pay them to pay them (that made sense in my head). I’m thinking now, maybe if I type a note and slip it in their mail slots and ask for a reply by note, I may get somewhere!

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