What I’m Most Looking Forward to in America

We move to Alabama in just 4 months. FOUR MONTHS! Spain is calling. Paris! The Lake District. The clock is ticking, very quickly it seems. Before we know it we’ll be wheels-down in North America and our expat days will be our past.

It’s bittersweet. Well, sweet and maybe a only little bitter. The truth is that I really miss my family and a lot of things about living in the U.S.:


  • Laundry room with a clothes dryer
  • Kitchen pantry
  • Bathroom storage
  • Free parking
  • Roads that you can trust to be wide enough for two cars to pass
  • One-stop shopping (ahem, Target)
  • Drive-through coffee
  • Drive-up ATMs
  • Paying at the pump for gas


  • Diner breakfast (mmmmm hash browns!)
  • Mexican food
  • BBQ
  • Quick service food (looking at you, Panera and Chipotle)
  • Salads, everywhere
  • Restaurants with free parking
  • Iced tea
  • Farmers markets
  • Healthy and tasty pre-made grocery store meals


  • Wearing yoga pants to school pickup
  • Customer service with at least a tiny sense of urgency
  • Other Jews
  • The neighborhood splash pad
  • Football (the barbaric kind, which honestly surprises me, but is true!)
  • Not feeling like a slob for wearing outdoorsy clothes when I do outdoorsy things

That all said, there are some things I’ll miss about England, and even a few things I’ll take back with me. I’ll share those next time!

What do you love most about America? What do you miss when you’re gone?

8 thoughts on “What I’m Most Looking Forward to in America

  1. Salads everywhere for sure! I know many of the salads I like to order in America for instance at the Cheesecake Factory aren’t necessarily healthy, but they’re sure tasty!

    And I had no idea its not proper to wear yoga pants to school pick-up. I would definitely be the mom the others whisper about.

  2. My brother lives in England, he tells me frequently how much he misses Mexican food (we both complain about this actually, as the Mexican food in WA is terrible). Whenever we both are home in CA it’s always the first stop we make.

    When I lived in Tanzania I REALLY missed hot water. And, sometimes, running water in general.

  3. We have been in England for 9 months and I already can’t wait to go back to the U.S. for the convenience things… one stop shopping and appliances that are efficient… no more taking all day to do a couple loads of laundry… can’t wait!!! LOL! But there are several things in England that I enjoy and I LOVE the travel!

    I’m glad I stumbled across your blog… best of luck with getting ready to PCS! :)

  4. Dublin is incredible!! I was in Cork this past weekend and then back in Dublin for Paddy’s Day. All I can say is that it was an EXPERIENCE.

    Montgomery is a great town, and just 45 minutes from my beloved University. Oh to be back watching those football games… Lol

  5. WAR EAGLE travelmorgantravel! We went to the same school. :)

    And you basically made a list of everything I want right now. :) I mostly can’t wait to be in a place where the basic alphabet is used instead of symbols. I literally cannot read anything. Liberating (advertisements don’t bother me!) and frustrating (how in the frick do I turn the heat off?!) at the same time. :)

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