In Which Life Occurs

First Shoes

I really wanted to post about my trip to Bruges this week. Then life happened, and I spent time marveling at my kids and learning to play Cribbage with my husband instead of blogging. So, it’s all good.

I’ve realized that I want to capture those things, too. The day-to-day stuff that will be so easy to forget in the “not traveling” segments between these trips. So today I forgo the promised travel posts to put a stake in the ground at this point in my motherhood journey.

My kids are growing up so fast (says every mother, ever). The baby is walking! I thought this would immediately equate to outdoor frolicking. Alas, he is not a lamb and needs to keep shoes on his feet to do so. So I took him to get fitted for real (not hand-me-down) shoes today. It was a bit of a lesson in the challenges of parenting two. Walden wanted to push the (very big) stroller around while Bertie got sized; Walden started eating the tissue paper from the shoe box while I was helping Bertie test drive the shoes. It was decidedly one of those days of three-year-old limit tests. We survived.

Really, the kids amaze me each day. Walden finally can pedal his tricycle, mostly because he knows that pedaling is the link between his Strider and a bike with pedals. They make up games to play with each other in the back seat. They SHARE! Sometimes. Bertie quacks when he sees a duck; he’ll hand me a book and say “buh!” to get me to play peek-a-boo. Next thing you know they’ll be saying, “No, mom, stay in bed and we’ll bring you breakfast!”

So fast.

Have a great weekend!


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