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That Time I Went to Belgium By Myself


Saturday I went to Bruges, Belgium, by myself. Not ALL by myself. I went with a giant group of American strangers who were also on the double decker Sun Fun buses that left from RAF Lakenheath at 3:00am Saturday. But by myself.

It was a nice entree to solo travel, because all of the logistics of getting there and back were handled. I just had to show up for my ride on time.

Quite frankly, I’ve always found solo travel to be kind of daunting. I’ll fly by myself no problem, but to places where I’ll meet up with someone else. The idea of going some place where I know no one just for the sake of seeing it, alone? Different story. But this opportunity arose and I took it.

I needed a break from the daily grind. And not just moving the grind to a different locale by taking a family trip. I needed a BREAK, with no one else to feed or clean or entertain. NO LAUNDRY. Where all that mattered in the day is what I wanted.

It turns out that solo travel is quite liberating, especially after traveling with kids. How satisfying to spend a day on your whims, free of obligations! But I also found myself missing my family, wishing I could share some of the sights and moments with them, too. I gravitated toward a model train store, like a moth to flame, only to stop at the window and congratulate myself that I didn’t have to go inside.

I want to share more of my trip this week. Stop back for the pros and cons of solo travel and glimpses of Bruges on a sunny day!


3 thoughts on “That Time I Went to Belgium By Myself

  1. Ooh solo travel sounds heavenly. Can’t wait to hear about your trip! I hope you ate so many meals! Sipped on coffee! Ordered dessert!

  2. I love traveling solo. There are so many new friends to meet! Funny enough, my first 100% solo trip was also to Belgium. I ate a LOT of chocolate and it was glorious. It was nice to just wake up and think, “well, me, what do I want to do today?”

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