The Third Eye


I want a refund on the third eye I’m supposed to have in the back of my head.

There was the time I turned to test the bath water and the baby’s hand got smashed in the toilet seat. (Bye bye, fingernail!)

Then there was the time that the preschooler climbed the sink to eat a half tube of Crest sparkle toothpaste. (Hello again, french toast!)

Now the baby is climbing on top of toys and play chairs. The preschooler is getting more creative about reaching things up high. They’re everywhere! They’re getting higher and higher, which means there are longer falls to fall. Soon they’ll both be on bikes and running loose around the yard, playing tag and climbing trees…

It’s scary, man.

But I guess that’s the Boy Mom gig. What’s the wildest mischief your littles have made?

2 thoughts on “The Third Eye

  1. My mom admitted to me today that when she opened the bathroom door (which we always keep shut), B sprinted in, slipped on the floor, and bashed his chin on the closed toilet lid. She felt awful. I was like, “No harm done. He’s gonna see way worse than that, I’m sure of it.”

  2. Both kids keep falling off the couch, even though the only words I say all day long are, “Sit down or get down.” I am also evil mommy when they come crying about bumping their leg/elbow/head (due to falling off the couch) that I usually just explain in a roundabout way that, um, I TOLD YOU SO. Nothing too wild here yet (knock on wood), but Molly does have a fascination with shredding tissues. I’m pretty sure she thinks it’s art.

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