I can’t bring myself to share the nitty gritty of this dreary grey funk that’s hanging over my head. Mostly I don’t have the guts to believe I can post it without judgement/not care about being judged. So I won’t do it just yet.

I want to WANT to have a big New Year resolution. Two weeks ago I did. “Make my wellness a priority.” It’s a big one, and there are plenty of how-to-make-resolutions bloggers who will give me a big fat F for being so vague. The idea was that I could use my Big Resolution to encompass a bunch of changes that I need to make. Cutting back on social media use. Mindfulness. Exercise. Nutrition. Health maintenance. Self care. Letting go. Being my Best Me. And so on.

It’s a lot. An overwhelming A Lot. So that’s probably contributing to this serious case of the Blahs, don’t you think? I mean, am I doing anything right? (That’s rhetorical. I know I am. I haven’t burned down the house, after all. I ordered more Thomas briefs from so I have a little more flexibility with laundry. So, you know… that.)

I told my husband the other day that I feel like I have senioritis, though there’s no graduation coming up. No “next thing” to look forward to while I coast through This. I feel detached and uninvested in this time.

What a waste.

And that! ^ What a revelation.

I should zero in on Mindfulness. Being present in all that I do. Having an awareness of how my choices – food, reactions – affect how I feel and choosing wisely. Finding the joy and beauty in the mundane. Not letting these days that I get to spend with my (usually) sweet children slip through my fingers. Recognizing when I need to take time to work through a tangle of thoughts to be at peace.

And there we have it. Thank you for being here, for giving me a place to sort this out, for listening.

To 2014 – let’s not miss a moment!

3 thoughts on “Resolute

  1. Best of luck, Lynn! Being mindful is so important, although I admit I don’t always practice it. But yeah, it makes a difference when you’re not in a daze and actually zeroing in on this actual moment. And thanks for your honesty and for sharing.

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