Doing the Mom Thing: New Year Cards

I absolutely love receiving holiday photo cards from friends. I love taking pictures of my kids. I love sharing pictures of my kids. But I have yet to mail out holiday photo cards. I want to change that now, having two kids and all.

Usually the chaos of the season (which usually coincides with the end of a deployment) leads me to forget about the new year as a time to send tidings. What a perfect time, though, just after the rush of Christmas cards, right? So last weekend we set up a little studio in our living room and bribed our kids to do a photo shoot. Twice, because do you know how hard it is to get two tiny people to look at a camera and smile normally at the same time?

The boys

It was obvious that finding the perfect card design could make up for our less-than-perfect photo (not pictured). I couldn’t let hours of jumping around like a monkey on speed go to waste.

My first stop was to Minted’s new year photo cards. The cards we’ve received from friends who have used Minted are always high quality and well-designed. Which is what I want, knowing these cards have a chance of living on many refrigerators in Indiana for years.


A “Find it Fast” feature allowed me to upload my picture and preview it on several unique designs at the same time. It was a great exercise to prove that my big idea was totally not going to work with the one photo I have of our kids smiling at the same time. I did find the perfect design, though!


Sadly, Minted doesn’t ship to APO addresses. I was looking forward to using their envelope addressing service, and if I were stateside I might have talked myself into the express service and expedited shipping to get the cards even faster.

This fact, of course, reminds me of how sloooow APO mail can be. The truth is it’s going to be impossible for me to get new year photo cards printed and into the hands of my family much before the end of January. So, “make holiday card” has now been written into my 2014 planner and you all will have to stalk my blog for new photos for just a little longer. If you’re in the US, fellow procrastinator… you can do it!

I was contacted by Minted to write a site review in exchange for a credit toward their products. All opinions are my own. 


2 thoughts on “Doing the Mom Thing: New Year Cards

  1. That photo looks so cute as is! So much interaction in their natural state :) I have yet to send out holiday cards. I don’t even think we’ve taken any family photos in forever! It’d take the world to convince all three to have a decent shot, although maybe it’s just that I’m used to coordinating the shot instead of actually *being* in one!

    And Lynn, props for giving an honest review of a product or service. I think you are the first blog EVER I’ve read where they actually said something they didn’t like about the company (which therefore makes it seem more genuine).

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