Boy and his space shuttle

Two weeks into being a 3 year old, my guy bit it falling off the couch. By it, I mean his bottom lip, when he smashed his face onto the coffee table. That’s two stitches for the Mom of Two Boys ER Tally board.

My big guy is three. He celebrated his birthday (a month ago today) with a trip to Duxford Imperial War Museum with his dad (because AIRPLANES!). Then we had a super fantastic mega awesome Thomas-themed party the following Saturday. Then there was Hanukkah, and now we’ve lost count of how many vehicles and trains are part of the family.

Walden. He’s pretty great, even when he’s kind of terrible. He has a tremendous vocabulary and is capable of so much that it’s easy to forget he is *just* three. He can remember the names of all of the planets – AND that Pluto used to be a planet and isn’t any more – but he can’t “remember” that we’re not supposed to throw toys at his brother? It’s hard not to take it personally, though… he is just three.

He started British preschool a few weeks ago. It was just a move to the room next door, but it was a little scary at first. He has adjusted quite well and has made new friends. His teacher reports that he is “such a lovely boy.” Can you blame her?

He’ll run to me and say, “Mommy, I’m so glad to see you!” before launching into a giant hug and kiss. He’s a master negotiator, novice bossypants and expert train linker. He likes to make his brother laugh. He likes to push my buttons. He likes to sing songs, dance and mash Play-Doh. He likes to run and bike and climb. And he sure likes his desserts.

The developmental questionnaire we had to fill out at his 3 year well check asked if he can speak in five-word sentences. “If Albert fell out the back door and got hurt, we would have to pick him up, put me and him in the car, and drive to the hospital so the doctors could fix him like when they fixed me when I hurt myself” is a lot more than that.

He’s clever. “Not yesterDAY, mom. YesterNIGHT.” “We have a zedbra at preschool!”

He’s still learning. “You beforegot mine bedtime crackers!” “Why?”

He’s a little boy. “Hello, my name is Awesomeness Prime!”

His favorite songs are “Zoom Zoom Zoom We’re Going to the Moon” and “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” His favorite foods are not yesterday’s favorite foods, except they’re still delicious when he has to eat some before getting a dessert. He prefers to wear his Thomas wellies most days. He would wear sweatpants forever and ever amen if I’d let him.

English winter with a 3-year-old means washing muddy clothes, mittens and coats every day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some days his ears turn off and he can’t hear anything I ask him to do. Most days his feet can’t be still and the only way he’ll nap is if he’s stuck in the car for long enough. He’s a force, but he gives the best hugs, and I am so proud to be his mama.


2 thoughts on “3

  1. What a wonderful depiction of W. Love that little guy. Oh, the sweatpants! I’ve had an experience with that. :)

  2. A great tribute. =) He is so adorable! Can you even imagine that in 2 more years your second one will be doing these things, and W will be doing so much more?? <3

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