Military Life


Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, & Northern part of Florida.

There are many stressful times in the life of a military family. Knowing you’re moving soon but having no idea to where is one of them.

Count me lucky, getting to skip that step in our next move.

Our time in England runs out next summer. That we’ve known since we learned we were coming to England. The “what’s next?” has been unanswerable, and remains so for many people who moved with us. Except we have that answer now. Already! We’re heading to Montgomery, Alabama.

My husband was selected for Air Command and Staff College. It’s a big deal, and I am very proud of him. But blah blah blah, now the mad rush to snatch up the good housing is ON. It’s early enough for us to feel optimistic.

So, this Alabama thing. And How do I feel about it. I’m actually really looking forward to it. (By it, I do not mean the August heat. Thank goodness for A/C.) It’s exciting to discover a new city. There are two synagogues! We can take the boys to a Biscuits baseball game. I can shop at Target again. Seeing family will be so much easier. We can put stuff in closets. The sun sets AFTER 4pm in the middle of winter. Above all, I will have a clothes dryer.

Those of you from the midwest and coasts are probably still thinking, “but… it’s the SOUTH. How do you feel about THAT?” I kind of know what you’re getting at, but I kind of don’t know how to answer.  Do you mean the politics? The food? The people? The pace of life? There’s plenty to agree or disagree with about any or all of those things anywhere we go. We’ll just find what suits us in the Montgomery community and make the best of it. As we’ll do every time we move.

Ultimately, it’s an important move for my husband’s career. We really can’t know what it’s going to be like for our family until we get there. Let’s just hope we don’t melt when we arrive!

There are things I will miss about England, and there are things I’m not looking forward to in America. But all that is for another day. For now… we’re moving to Alabama!

image via flickr


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