In England

Norfolk Coast: Wells-Next-the-Sea

Summer is starting to feel a bit autumn-around-the-edges over here. If you haven’t made it to the coast, now is probably the time to do it!

Last month we visited Wells-Next-the-Sea with some friends. (The wind was relentless, so all of these were snapped from my phone…) It claims to be distinct for its colorful beach huts, but I have never visited another place with such vast expanses of sand! (The tide is very dramatic in these parts, it seems.)

Beach at Wells-Next-the-Sea

The water in the small river that cuts through the beach is Oh! so cold, but a two-year-old won’t admit it. No matter how miserable he looks playing in it.

Cold Water

It’s quite a schlep to get to that pool of water from the boardwalk. A stroller is pointless, a pack mule may be essential.

Wells Huts and Beach

The beach is located about a mile from the town. A miniature railway parallel the walkway between the two. Guess how our two-year-old preferred to get there? The town offers all the ice cream, fish & chips and crabbing supplies you need – plus, a very fun pirate ship playground! – to make it a lovely

9and exhausting!) day at the seaside.

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