6 Months


A half a year? Already?

That would explain why that baby I had is now this smiley, slobbery, sweet little person-y person who can roll and sit and reach and grab and laugh the best laugh for brightening my day.

This guy. He laughs at his brother. He clings to me like a koala. He’s fascinated by the dog. He has his place in our family, and it’s just right.

He’s so alert and attuned to everything going on around him. It seems the world is way more fascinating than, say, eating. He’s still not sure what to think about “real” food.

I tell myself that the worst of the broken sleep is behind us, that soon we’ll get those big 12 hour, interruption-free nights. I hope. At least our middle of the night rendezvous means more snuggles. Because they’re already getting harder to come by during the day.

Stay this sweet, fuzzy, squishy and tiny forever, little dude? Please?

3 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. Aww that is the cutest expression and smile on his face! I know what you mean about time going to fast Lynn. My boys are almost six months like your guy and it just amazes me how big they are! I am definitely trying to cherish these moments.

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