In England

Happy Independence Day!

Fourth Bike Parade

Sometimes people back home ask, “Do they have the Fourth of July over there?”

They do. On the calendar. But the British aren’t celebrating our declaration of independence from their kingdom. Not publicly, at least.

That said, the Air Force bases in our area typically host some kind of celebration. Last year’s spectacle included an air show, carnival, concert and fireworks. Budget cuts killed that for this year, but the family fun afternoon with bouncy castles, music and a children’s bike parade were more our speed anyway. The baby really isn’t into ruckus. The toddler really is into bouncy castles and his bike.

Fun facts: Both boys have celebrated their first 4th’s in England. Walden’s t-shirt is decorated with the “Born in the U.S.A” album cover. I don’t miss fireworks.

We’re celebrating the actual 4th of July by sending Walden to school while we take turns caring for his little brother. That most likely means we’ll be enjoying our brief moments of true independence by napping and daydreaming about the delicious food and Target shopping we’ll enjoy when we visit Minnesota later this month.

Happy birthday, America!

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