Military Life

How It Is

My right foot was covered in toddler pee and my baby was covered in iced latte. And 97% of the time the man in the flight suit that Walden is calling “daddy” in the BX barber shop as we walk by is not, in fact, his daddy. This time, however, it was. Impeccable timing, universe! Suddenly eating lunch before grocery shopping was totally acceptable to my 2.5 year old. Phew!

We waited in line for our hot subs, me with the baby strapped to my chest in a carrier, my husband with the toddler smiling and hugging him. I made eye contact with another woman, thin and OH so tired looking. She smiled the same weary smile that I smile at happy families when my husband is deployed. Later I saw her feeding four small children. Now I regret not stopping by to ask about her children, if she lives nearby. I hope someone thinks to do that for me one day.

I’m trying not to dread the upcoming deployment. “See? I only have TWO children!” It’s easier to do on days when I get a little sleep. Except those days follow the nights when my husband gets up with the kids, so when I think about it, the dread returns.

“I don’t know how you do it!” people sometimes say. The truth is, neither do I. I just do. I don’t have a choice. The time we DO get to spend together as a family is so worth the time we spend apart.

We have a fun weekend ahead. I hope you do, too!

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One thought on “How It Is

  1. someone told me recently it was called soldiering on. I don’t agree. I think we do it because we do not have a choice. Because our blessings still need fed and our husbands still need loved. I think after the first couple of deployments you do look at things different. When a mom Is harsh in the commissary you can think about the day she may have had instead of just that she was harsh

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