In England

Day Out in Suffolk: Framlingham & Bawdsey

Framlingham Castle

A week or so ago my husband learned that Bawdsey Radar – the world’s first operational radar station – was scheduled for an Open Day this past weekend. And so our Sunday was booked.

The Suffolk coast is dotted with a variety of National Trust and English Heritage sites in addition to other areas of natural or historical interest. We were determined find something en route to round out the day.

I was disappointed to discover that the Deben estuary had to be crossed by ferry in order to reach the more southerly coastal destinations in less than 45 minutes from Bawdsey. We simply weren’t in the mood to be held to a schedule, especially with two tinies in tow. So we chose to visit Framlingham Castle on our way.

Framlingham Castle

Framlingham Castle’s main draw is a walk atop its remaining walls. The view over the mere is stunning. Climbing up a sliver of a stone spiral staircase with a baby and trying to read information boards in the wind, however, were less enjoyable. Regardless, we visited the remains of the castle where Mary Tudor was named Queen in 1553. Cool, huh?

We topped off the visit with a walk around the castle grounds before having lunch at The Crown Hotel in town. We intended to have lunch at the pub next to the castle, but they didn’t have burgers and the toddler WANTED A HAMBURGER. Fortunately, The Crown did and was also a tasty few fancy steps up from the pub grub to which we were ready to resign ourselves.

Bawdsey Radar

Bawdsey Radar was… right up my husband’s alley. The volunteers were phenomenal, showing him around the transmitter block and helping me entertain the kids. While there were a few buttons and switches for the toddler to tinker with, most of the exhibit was to be read. I will say that I was absolutely floored by their kindness when they offered to drive my husband to our car (not quite 1/4 mile away in the parking lot) to pick up me and the kiddos in the pouring rain.

We really are fortunate to live in a place with so much to explore nearby. While it was no trip to Ibiza, these little trips to these places of deep history certainly aren’t something we would ever do from the States.

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