What a Week

Week of June 21

My husband took leave this past week to spend time with us. It was nice to have someone to share the parenting and the fun.

We had to make a trip to Cambridge for the baby’s passport application. So we took the toddler out for sushi for the first time. YO! was perfect – there’s no waiting for your food, as a conveyor belt loaded with pre-made plates runs by your table. As we suspected, Walden really liked it.

I wanted to bike to the neighborhood coffee shop to work on my last blog post. My rear tire was totally flat, so I put to use the tire-changing skills I learned at Community Bicycle Project Omaha to do it myself. It made the trip even more satisfying!

Bertie’s 4 month well check was this week. He’s doing great! But his brother puked in the car on the way there. Twice. We burned through his backup clothes, so the poor guy had to sit through the appointment in his skivvies.

There were a LOT of middle-of-the-night wakings and feeds, and some super-early mornings (as you might have with a 4:30am sunrise). I hauled off the toddler for an early morning car ride one of those days, just to avoid waking the baby. It was a beautiful drive through the countryside.

Now we have some friends from Omaha staying with us for a couple of days. I hope you have a fun weekend ahead, too!

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One thought on “What a Week

  1. Lynn, you just gave me a great idea with sushi restaurants and conveyer belts! My son would dig those, as he loves things that move like that, a la train tracks.

    And I can totally relate to the terrible-ness that is an early sunrise :/ The babies are in our room still, and we don’t have black out curtains, so that means they are up the minute the sun peeks through. Although I guess we are luckier, as we have a 5:30 sunrise at least lol.

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