4 Months

Bertie 4 Month

How is it this guy can seem so big and so tiny at the same time? I see time already slipping away when I look at him and see how much he has grown. But when I hold him in my arms… I feel how so very small he still is. So I hold him, and hold him, and hold him, and rub my nose on the soft fuzz on his head, and hope he doesn’t start walking at 9 months like his brother did. I want to hold him for just a bit longer.

The best part of my day is when I catch him looking at me. I turn my attention to him and he just lights up, with his bright blue eyes and gaping toothless smile (which he wouldn’t really do for me while I was behind the camera today). Feeling like the center of the universe is kind of awesome when that’s the reward.

So, Bertie. Sweet Bertie. He is perfectly content to swat, grab, and mouth toys on his activity mat, rolling to his side, kicking himself around in circles. For a very long time. Sometimes he wants to hang out, just to see what’s going on. He enjoys facing the world while I wear him in a carrier. He likes to watch the leaves blow in the wind and really gets a kick out of grocery shopping. Something about the lights and rows of goods, I guess.

He’s going through a developmental leap right now. He has rolled from front to back twice, and is so close to getting it all figured out for good. He’s sitting and standing well with support. His aim when reaching for toys has improved. Often he’s able to grab a toy with both hands and delivery it directly to his mouth with little trouble. I blame this leap for his little grumpy spells, when he insists on being held – facing out! mind you. (Thank goodness for The Wonder Weeks, which explains this. I really wish I had read it when Walden was born!)

This time with him is so different from his brother’s early days. Then, I felt I had nothing to do but sit with my baby and encourage him to reach his next milestone so we could introduce some new play. (Well, that, and preparing to move to England. No biggie.) We introduced infant cereal at four months. We stuck him in a Jumperoo at four months. I can’t imagine either of these things for this baby right now.

Though, if they would keep him from waking up twice each night, I’d do it. At least I get to hold him while we’re up.


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