3 Months

Bertie 3 Months

I used to measure the progression of a year in quarters. Quarterly reports. The end of a 90-day deployment. It always meant we were well underway into The Next Year.

And here we are, one quarter into the life of my Bertie.

Relating the passage of time in his life to that of his brother’s is unavoidable. By the end of the next quarter…his brother was crawling (an ugly crawl, but just for a short time), pulling up on suitcases, and generally acting cute. Around the end of the next, he was walking. Then the next… he was one, and he could say “cheese.”

They are different, of course. I’m just so very aware of how quickly we’ll go from Sweet, Snuggly, Fuzzy-headed Baby to Snot-nosed, Screaming Toddler.

So. Today Bertie is 3 months old. He’s a smiley chap (I said that for you, grandpa). He complains when he’s hungry, has to burp or JUST CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE OF YOU LOUD OBNOXIOUS PEOPLE and needs to sleep. He chats with us and the frog toy over his bouncy seat. He’s getting the hang of grabbing things, bringing his hands together and rubbing his feet together. Tummy time is finally a little fun.

He has been to the beach, slept at the play ground, gone out to dinner, watched bamboo leaves blow in the breeze while I garden. There will be more adventures in our future, but it has been nice to take it easy.

Basically he’s just a cute three month old baby who happens to be super-precious to me. I see through the goop of the eye with the clogged tear duct, smile at the spit-up on my shoulder and laugh at the poop that leaked through his outfit (AGAIN) onto my sleeve. He has the cutest snore. He’s trying so very hard to laugh. I love him, so very much.

And now, some stats:

Eating – Every 3 hours, except that 5 hour stretch of sleep in the evening. Until lately, he would nurse then take a 1-2 oz. bottle. Now he’s taking 3-4 oz. bottles at each feed. Except after that stretch, when he’ll take 5-6 oz.

Sleeping – Falls asleep 6/7/8pm. Wakes 5 hours later to eat. Wakes again 3/4/5am and eats, then comes to bed with me an hour later when he fusses. We start our day with Walden at 6:30. Naps vary, 20 minutes to 3 hours, depending on his brother.

Growing – We have an official weigh in a month from now, but he has to be at least 11 pounds. I think he’s squishy, but strangers think he’s tiny. He’s healthy!

Walden keeps asking when his little brother will be big enough to play. He likes to hug him and kiss him on the top of his head, and sometimes asks to hold him. *Brothers!* So cute.

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2 thoughts on “3 Months

  1. I am also aware at how quickly they become the tantrum throwing toddler. I try to get my sweet baby snuggles in as much as possible.

    He is a cutie!

  2. Re: other people saying how tiny they are, when all you can see is that they are gigantic compared to the new new newborn you remember…

    At Starbucks one day, I was wearing B and the girl behind the counter said, “How old is he?” I said he was 5 months and she said, “Oh, he’s so little!” And I – in my sleep-deprived, distracted state – said, “Yeah, haha…well, no…” *Long pause* “So…I’ll have a grande decaf nonfat latte…” AWKWARD.

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