Best Mother’s Day Gift

Curiously Dreaming

Mother’s Day is coming up! Consider yourself alerted.

I have a much greater appreciation for the day as a mother of two. And by “appreciation” I mean I now worship the day: My husband gave me a night in a hotel as an early Mother’s Day gift this year.

Best. Idea. EVER.

I honestly didn’t think there was a way to outdo the massage-facial-pedi package I bought myself last year. Surely he wouldn’t have thought to do it if it was just us and the two year old, sleeping through the night. Getting up twice a night to feed the baby, sleeping for three or fewer hours at a time… I LOVE my babies, but. I needed some sleep.

So I spent Sunday night at Angel Hotel. It’s a lovely and quirky old hotel in the heart of Bury St. Edmunds, mentioned by Charles Dickens in “Pickwick Papers.” I checked in after a family dinner, ordered a glass of red wine, called my mom on Skype without a single interruption, and went to bed at 9. I started writing this post over my room service breakfast, before taking the longest shower of my life.

I probably wouldn’t have imagined doing it when Walden was 11 weeks old.

My husband wins a gold star.

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