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At the Seaside

Leigh-on-Sea at Low Tide

My fog lifted when a college friend suggested our families meet up at Leigh-on-Sea this past weekend. The seaside! With a beach! It’s a strange day that I don’t get excited about a beach. Even if we are talking about one along the North Sea in April.

Thankfully the weather decided on spring and the sun came out to play. It made 48 degrees feel so much warmer.

Going to the beach with a toddler is wildly different from going as, say, a college student. In many ways it is much more awesome. It is not more awesome for relaxing. But, visiting a little beach along the North Sea in April during low tide isn’t exactly the idyllic toes-in-the-sand-cold-beer experience this temporary Carolinian has ingrained in her memory.

toddlers at beach

No, going to the beach with a two-year-old is like going to the world’s biggest sandbox with the best treasures. The kid pretends to make sand castles out of shredded cheese. It had to be a good day.

We looked at creepy sea creatures from a tide pool. We searched for stones and shells to decorate the sand castle. Then it was time to eat.


We tried cockles! He liked them.

A few hours was enough. We stopped on the way home at Suffolk Food Hall for some steaks to grill. Walden spent the entire time bouncing at the playground. As if the day could get any better for him.

It was our first big outing as a family of four. Feeding the baby while out and about was a bit of a challenge, and the poor guy just slept in his car seat the rest of the time. Otherwise the day felt like a success, making me feel optimistic that we could have a good day like this again. Some day.

We’re hunkering down for an intensive potty training weekend ahead. I look forward to traveling with just one set of diapers!

Happy weekend!


One thought on “At the Seaside

  1. Glad you guys had a good time at the beach! Cockles, huh? I have been meaning to try them, but haven’t had a chance. What did you think of them?

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