2 Months

Bertie 2 months

Baby Bertie is smiling now. It’s the best. He has reached the sweet  stage of babyhood, with the smiles and squishy snuggles and coos and longer stretches between feedings. I’ll take being #1 for as long as I can. Playing soccer, doing wrestling moves and imagining conversations between train engines aren’t my strong suits.

Not long ago Walden patted him on the head and said, “You’re a good baby brother, Albert.” I second that. I’ve finally gotten a four-hour stretch of sleep!

Maybe it’s because I feel like this one looks like me. Or that I’ve done this once before and am to date pleased with the result of my effort. But it’s so easy to generate a crazy amount of love for this little guy. Getting up to feed him twice a night doesn’t irritate me (most days). His usual cries don’t stress me out. It’s kind of nice this time around, actually being able to enjoy my baby.

Though, each morning I feel as if I’m launched into a pinball machine. Diaper here, feeding there, playing here, diaper there. Ping ping ping ping! Next thing I know, it’s time to start dinner. That’s how it is suddenly two months since he was born. Though somehow it feels like he has been here for ages.

The weather is improving and we’re venturing outside. Sometimes it takes forever to get there.

I’ve decided to no longer keep up my Maybe Four blog. (One is enough!) So, some stats for the record (because I’m totally not writing this down anywhere):

Eating – nursing plus 1-2 oz in a bottle, every 3 or so hours.

Sleeping – bedtime at 8-10pm…in his own crib! Wakes to nurse 4 hours later, then again at 4-4:30am. He nurses in bed, we sleep until 6.

Waking – our day begins around 6. He’ll stay awake for an hour or two before napping, sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 3 hours. This happens all day long.

Growing – weighed in at 9 lbs 12 oz a few days before 2 months. That’s the 10th percentile, but it’s a big gain. I couldn’t imagine having a bigger baby!

So, all is good. Hectic, but good.


2 thoughts on “2 Months

  1. So big!! I love that paddington. It is so hard to find him here. When I was born I had a paddington nursery. My mom had lived in England for a short time. When I had my kids I searched high and low for new or used and it just didn’t happen :/

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