Going Solo as a Mom of Two

Life with two collage.

It’s no secret that I have a tendency to stress about trivial things. I also have an absurd fear of failing at everything.

So. Adding a new baby to the mix of daily life led me to assume that the rest of my days are doomed to a giant whirlwind of chaos. Seriously stressful chaos.

It meant that every task is new again, a new momentous feat. Walking the dog. Going to an appointment. Grocery shopping. Just imagining the potential for each To Do to dissolve into a manic puddle of under-3 tears (or worse) has me inventorying the wine stash. How. On. Earth. Will I stay sane? At least, can I come out of the next few years without grey hair?

Some days are rockier than others. Walden is teething, Bertie is growing. We’re still finding our groove. Plus, we’re all individuals with different wants and needs. Sometimes we all want or need something different at the same time. But… in my first two weeks home alone with my boys, I’ve learned that some flexibility and preparedness go a long way in making it through each day. Thankfully the whirlwind of chaos makes the days fly. Of course, in thirty years I’ll probably be the one telling new parents to enjoy these “precious” years because they go so fast. Not until I catch up on some sleep, though.

Then, that rare, magical moment when they both take a nap at the same time? Bonus.

Do you have more than one child? How did you handle the early days?


3 thoughts on “Going Solo as a Mom of Two

  1. Lynn, I’m scared for the day when I start taking care of all three kids alone without my husband. It’s hard enough as it is *with* him at home, so I can’t imagine doing it solo. I’m hoping that the babies will be a bit easier by that point, but I think like you said, being prepared is also key. And a bit of letting go too, you know? I tell myself that there’s only one of me and I can’t do everything. Still, even telling myself that doesn’t make me feel any more energized or chipper by the end of the day.

  2. Nina, I think any new mom would have a hard time feeling energized or chipper at the end of a day! Letting go is definitely key. My house looks like it was burgled at the end of each day, and sometimes it just has to stay until morning so that I can get some rest. My two-year-old wants to wear pajamas all day and does. And, yes, some days can be as awful as you feared they could be. But they eventually end and they all go by so quickly!

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