40 Weeks Collage

Little Brother is due tomorrow.

Waiting for his arrival is such a different experience from his brother’s. Then, I was determined that our baby would wait only until the perfect moment for my husband to make the last-minute-notice flight home to Omaha from Las Vegas. That perfect moment meant my husband would be present for the birth and for as long as his training would allow, exactly long enough for him to attend the bris. Big Brother waited for exactly that perfect moment.

I suppose whenever this one chooses to meet the world will be the perfect moment. I just wish I knew when it will be! Maybe it will be today so he can share his birthday with his grandma? Patience for surprises that I know are coming…not my strong suit.

Have a fabulous weekend, and stay safe and warm if you’re in Nemo’s path!


5 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. You’re in Omaha? So are we. :) Could be worse places to spend a great part of our lives single-parenting! It is colder this week than I anticipated and we’re back to feeling cabin-feverish since I feel the need to stay cooped up in the warm, non-windy house…and the gloomy skies don’t help at all (our lil’ man is strongly negatively affected by the gloom…makes for long, grouchy days). Also doesn’t help that I bake when it’s cold and gloomy and yesterday I noticed that my jeans were a bit snugger than I would prefer. Bring on Spring and the opportunity for looooong outdoor walks/runs and sunshine!

  2. We were in Omaha until June 2011. We’re in England after 6 years there! I don’t miss the Great Plains wind, but we get plenty of gloomy skies here. Omaha springs are really lovely, I hope you get an early one!

  3. I love the pic of your feet, legs and bump.
    The waiting game is a crazy thing isn’t it! That would be cool to celebrate grandma’s birthday. Any other special dates in the next few?

  4. Oooh I’m so excited for you Lynn! I wish I was just a day away from giving birth; ugh I’m so over pregnancy lol. Wishing you a safe and joyous birth :)

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