Friday Hugs

The Boys Collage

If you haven’t taken a moment today to vote for my photo “Boy hugging dog” in Field Notes from Fatherhood’s Family Travel Photo Contest, please do! (And share with your friends!) I’d really like to tell my son that he and our dog won a photo competition just before his little brother was born. Today is the last day of voting!

(Little Brother is due next week, by the way.)

The photo was taken on a walk in the English countryside just days after his daddy returned from his last deployment. It was such a sweet moment that captured just how wonderful life felt having us all together.

It’s even more meaningful right now given some sad news of the past week. I can’t help but think about Capt Lucas Gruenther, the F-16 pilot that the USAF lost this week, his parents and especially his wife and unborn child. My husband is also 32 and a captain and a flyer who is expecting a child. It strikes pretty close to my heart.

There are also a number of friends and family enduring hardships of their own, from illnesses to surprises and losses. Life is fragile and precious. Share the love you have for those around you today, please!

Here’s a big ol’ virtual hug for you, whether you think you need it or not. Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend.


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