On Wandering Less

Winter Sky

Our second son is due to arrive in less than five weeks. FIVE WEEKS. Seeing that deadline at my desk as a marketing strategy planner would send me into a state of mild panic. Five weeks pass really quickly. Before you know it, it’s just four. Then three. Then… you get the picture. The difference is the deliverable. Instead of a perfectly bound marketing plan to guide a mountain of work for the next year, I’m bringing home a wriggly, swaddle-busting baby to completely alter our life for the next, well, forever.

The only plan is to feed, clean and love him.

The little dude is now wedged under my ribs. He uses my bladder as a punching bag. He has fits of hiccups in the middle of the night, usually just after his big brother wakes up with a coughing fit or teething pain or [insert toddler drama here].

While we have nearly all of the basic necessities to bring this guy home, I’m feeling the press on life as we know it. My energy is flagging. Bedtime snuggles with Walden are more precious. I’m beginning to accept that I’m just not going to do all of the things I want to do for myself between now and whenever it is everyone figures out how to sleep through the night (or goes to school, or college… whatever).

I’m slowing down. I’ve heard that second babies deliver faster. And you never know when a winter English road is going to be covered in ice and fog.

This means we aren’t going too far any time soon.

Hopefully my husband won’t deploy next summer and we will be able to hit the highlights on our “To See” list before our time in England comes to an end. I don’t intend to let an extra family member keep us from the places we want to go.

In the meantime, I have a big review of our time in England planned. It’s kind of a pre-K2 (that’s Kid #2) look back before it becomes a total blur. I’m really excited about it!

If you’re interested in the pregnancy part of the story, you can follow along at Maybe Four for updates.

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