Memory Hive’s $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I’m very excited that I was approached by the creator of Memory Hive to offer a $50 Amazon gift card giveaway to Wanderlynn readers! My obsession with capturing every memorable moment makes this app a perfect fit for my very first giveaway.

Spending five hours in gridlocked traffic coming home from Brussels gave me a chance to review the hundreds of photos (still) on my iPhone. Going back to the first shots of my then 6-month-old son revealed a two big problems: there were some really great snaps from times when I wasn’t schlepping around my DSLR, and there were a ton of photos of little bits and moments as reminders for things that I’ve already forgotten.

Baby and Camera

Depending on data connectivity or WiFi availability, most of those images have never seen anyone else’s eyeballs. They’re usually forgotten by the time I import my DSLR photos and end up separated from the story for eternity.

Of course, any shutterbug mom with self-restraint has a massive backlog of super-adorable photos of their kids that don’t ever make it onto Facebook. But you know there are grandparents and aunts and deployed moms and dads out there who can’t get enough of them.

Enter Memory Hive.

This iPhone app allows you to organize your photos and videos – from your phone and Facebook – around specific memories and share them privately. They call it a “digital journal.” Perfect.

For example, you can take notes about your baby’s first (or second, whatever) haircut and attach photos and video to the note. Then, you can use the app to email a link to the memory to his grandparents (or, say, your deployed husband). Your family and friends simply click the link to the Memory Hive website to view your memory.

Baby's Second Haircut

I really like that you can organize memories into “Hives.” A Hive is like a category tag to which you can assign multiple memories. Then? You can make a Highlight Reel of your Hive to show off in person when you’re making conversation with the in-laws when they come to visit. The app also features a “Honey Jar” where you can share your favorite memories. Also? You can send a snail-mail photo postcard from the app. Cool, huh? What grandparent wouldn’t love that?

This app was really handy for taking notes on my recent trip to Brussels. Usually my days on “vacation” get confused as time passes, but now they’re organized! I look forward to trying out the memory book feature when it becomes active. Maybe I won’t miss the new baby’s milestones this time around with Memory Hive on hand to capture my notes.

Memory Hive Screenshot

And, lucky you! The Memory Hive app is available for just $0.99 right now. Find it here in the iTunes store.

Now, for that giveaway. Surely there’s something you didn’t get for the holidays or have secretly kept on your wish list that an Amazon $50 gift card could help you out with. What would you buy if you win? Click through to the Rafflecopter tool below with your answer to be entered to win!

Click here to enter ––> a Rafflecopter giveaway

Drawing ends 11:59 EST on January 11, 2013!

[Disclosure: The blog author received a free download of the Memory Hive app for this post.] 


28 thoughts on “Memory Hive’s $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

  1. Go Lynn! For the record, I tried to think of something creative and productive to do with a $50 Amazon gift card, but I know I’d just buy books. =)

  2. Yep, I’d buy books too. My husband already buys the cool stuff for me, so I’ll get some books for him. :)

  3. I would use it to organize all my pictures on my phone. I have SO MANY that I would like to get printed but never have time.

  4. I would use Memory Hive app for family pictures and the bajillion pictures of my pets that I don’t need to put on facebook :)

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