Eating & Drinking in Brussels

After spending a year and a half in England, I was beyond excited to sample some Belgian fare during my recent trip to Brussels.

A La Becasse

We visited A La Becasse for dinner our first night, per a Rick Steves recommendation. We wanted to check out the traditional clay pots in which they served lambic. Which was good, because the food selection was mostly deli sausages and cheeses or standard pasta dishes. Good food for a night of drinking, but not the best for a really hungry pregnant lady.

Mussels from Brussels

Restaurant ‘t Kelderke is a much better bet for a real meal: mussels, traditional Belgian dishes, and a great ambiance. It’s located in a brick cellar very near City Hall on the square. There’s padding above the doorway so you don’t knock your noggin going in. They have menus in English and the food is delicious.

Belgian Waffles

Of course we had some waffles. First, with Belgian chocolate. Second, with speculoos, an insanely delicious gingerbread-like cookie (and sauce) distinctive to Belgium.

Belgian Chocolate

And we bought chocolate. The praline counters were too crowded to get good photos, but, trust me. If you want to show someone you love them, pick up a box from Neuhaus.

At Delirium Cafe

The other thing about Belgium? Beer. Good heavens is Belgian beer good. I give full credit to Dundee DellDario’s and Beertopia for teaching me this in our time in Omaha.

Beer lovers should find Delirium Village and hit up Delirium Cafe to try one of 2400+ beers. Pregnant beer lovers should take their friends there early in the night.


Novelty-seekers, head across the street to Floris Bar to try absinthe. Pregnant novelty-seekers, play photographer. It’s not every day that your friends are going to light sugar on fire to take a shot!

I’m certain there are so many more great places to eat and drink in Brussels. Have you been? What are your favorites?

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