A Weekend in Brussels

Brussels Instagram Collage

My husband returned from his deployment last week! So naturally I threw the toddler into his arms and skipped the country for a girls’ weekend getaway to Brussels.

It’s not as big a deal as it sounds. It was like driving from Omaha to Minneapolis. Except instead of driving through three states, we drove through three countries. And under the English Channel. And through London. Which wouldn’t have mattered much if we weren’t stuck in traffic for five hours on the way home. Thankfully I was in good company and we’re still friends.

It was a wonderful, refreshing trip. I’m so excited to share it with you! It’s just… we’ve been cramming in all kinds of “Things That Have to Be Done” since I’ve been back. i.e. laundry, doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, furniture shopping; everything but sit down and write the big post about Brussels.

So. I promise you it’s coming. It will be worth the wait!

In the mean time, why not read up on the controversy around this year’s modern art installation that replaced the city’s traditional Christmas tree? It’s pictured in action in the top left photo above. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “A Weekend in Brussels

  1. I have mixed feelings about that “tree”. It really is an eyesore during the day and it doesn’t at all compliment the beautiful buildings around the square. On the other hand though, the nighttime light show is spectacular. It will be interesting to see which direction they take their holiday market next year.

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