Thanksgiving in England


Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday.

It’s secular, so all of our family and friends can celebrate it together.

There are no fireworks. (The dog is with me on this one.)

There’s no need for bug spray, shorts or charred meat.

The food! Such tasty, glorious food.

It’s the one holiday that I celebrated with my family as a child and still celebrate as an adult. I’m still getting the hang of Passover. I haven’t memorized the Hanukkah prayers. I really fumble with reading Hebrew. But Thanksgiving! I know this.

I’m so very grateful to have friends who took me in this Thanksgiving. It was the first Thanksgiving in a long, long time that I couldn’t share with any of my family (out of diapers, that is). But it’s nice to feel like a part of this “Air Force family” we’re kind of creating while we’re over here. I only hope to be lucky enough to find people like them everywhere this journey takes us.

So here are a few weekend links just for them:

A book about us (kind of, and in another time)

Those tasty cinnamon chip scones

What funfetti cake should look like

Maybe we could talk to Kate

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Thanksgiving in England

  1. So glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving! I spent my first Thanksgiving away from my family in England, but I was going to university there and didn’t know any other Americans. Thanksgiving was just another random Thursday for them. I remember going to Tesco and finding a frozen turkey meal and an apple turnover and called it a feast. I’m SO incredibly thankful for the military and the fact that I could actually celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving this year (and last year) here in Italy.

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