Prayers for Peace

If you hang around here much, you might have a sense that I’m pretty shy about politics and world affairs. Mostly, I don’t pretend to understand the complexities of what’s going on. It stresses me out that I have no answers for how to fix any of it.

There’s a lot that’s broken out there. Bringing up something that I happen see through the filter of our news outlets feels unfair to the people in other, forgotten places suffering unimaginable things.

Regardless of what is or isn’t said, I often remember that there are real people in the midst of the conflicts. Friends, parents, siblings, children…they’re living their lives under circumstances that so many of us (Americans especially) can’t possibly imagine.

And in some places it may be someone you know, or who knows someone you know. When one of your Facebook friends posts to her wall something like you see above, the reality of that fact hits hard.

So as we approach Thanksgiving, I ask you one simple thing. If you’re inclined to pray, please remember to say a prayer for peace – in Israel and Gaza and everywhere – and give thanks for being able to celebrate this holiday in safety.

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