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On His Birthday

Sometimes I’m so wrapped up in chasing/feeding/cleaning/teaching/nurturing/loving my toddler that I forget there’s another person in this house who deserves some of my attention. (Well, there are two, actually, but this post isn’t about myself. Not entirely, at least.)

My husband and I met just over 10 years ago. At the time, I thought it was too bad that I was planning to move to a big city for a big advertising career. A little later, when I took a job in my hometown instead, I thought it was too bad that he had a girlfriend. Then a little later, we started dating and I kind of knew that was it.

We’re in our 30’s now. A lot has happened in the last decade. Sometimes I wonder if I’m still the person he fell in love with. I know that I’ve been changed by my commitment to my job in our first years of marriage. It killed my self-confidence (then rebuilt it in another way unrelated to being a wife or mother). Somewhere along the way my free spirit escaped. And, of course, life has happened, teaching us lessons about things we thought we knew. There are so many doubts I now have about things I used to believe.

He has changed in some ways, too. It’s probably inevitable for everyone who joins the military. But behind it all, he’s still the guy I fell for. He’s incredibly intelligent. He has a superhuman dedication to the things he’s committed to or passionate about. He doesn’t let other people’s opinions interfere with his enjoyment of what he likes, but he’ll listen to them with respect. He’s an amazing father, which I could have only speculated when we were 22. In conclusion, he’s still awesome.

So here I am, wishing him a happy birthday, and hoping that he gets at least one thing from us in his FPO box today. He definitely deserves more than the ridiculous musical card that’s headed his way. I’ll be sure to make up for it when he gets home.


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