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How to Jump Start a Car Without a Penis

Today a friend gave me a ride from the base auto shop to long term parking. That’s where my husband’s poor car has been parked for a good 5-6 weeks, waiting for me to get my act together to get it back to our house. And, sure enough, the battery in said car was dead.

Her deployed husband’s car, which she was driving, had some jumper cables in the trunk. (Our set was in the other car, natch.) She pulled around and we popped the hoods. Then we tried to call another friend whose husband we knew would help us out.

When she didn’t answer, I had a moment of revelation, followed by another.

The first was knowing that, if I called my husband’s desk and asked for help, someone would come. The second was that I didn’t want to be that wife.

“Surely we have enough degrees between the two of us to figure this out.”

We both pulled out our car’s owners manuals and looked at the directions on her set of cables. With three sources giving us instructions that had nothing to do with having male genitalia, we were confident that we could jump my husband’s car.

And we did.

Everything is clearly marked. The instructions are clearly written. If you have jumper cables and no qualms about getting caught reading your owners manual, you can do it, too!

I’m not going to bother detailing the instructions, because if you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking at that manual anyway. But here’s a good primer if you’re interested.

Now to figure out how to find the gas station with a working air pump when I need it.


5 thoughts on “How to Jump Start a Car Without a Penis

  1. Um. This is awesome! Good for you for figuring it out on your own! That reminds me that I should probably start my husband’s car today…I have a feeling it’s not going to start.

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