I Love November

Thank goodness for friends. This past week would have been unbearable without them. And I wouldn’t have ventured out for some good old British-slash-American trick-or-treating. My guy picked it up from his friend pretty quickly, and decided that candy is AWESOME.

I feel like November has arrived with one squeaky “clunk” of the big gear that moves us closer to my husband’s return. We made it through October! And now it’s my favorite Favorite Month.

Thanksgiving. Hands down my favorite holiday. Food and good company. Maybe some football. I love the warmth of preparing the feast. The smell of chopped celery and pumpkin pie. Sharing the love that goes into preparing a feast with family or friends. Gratitude.

Birthdays! My son’s, my husband’s. Giving gifts that light them up. Making a special cake or meal or video (or maybe tracking down a gingerbread house), or going out to a special dinner.

Family. I always get to see family in November. This year my mom is coming! I can’t wait to show her England.

Guy Fawkes Night? I loathed the late night fireworks explosions last year and probably will again this year. So maybe not.

There’s a lot of gratitude flying around Facebook now that it’s November. It inspires me to be thankful for whatever sleep I am getting this week, for wherever the strength to endure the worst days comes from, and for approaching my third trimester (!) in good health.

Have a great weekend!

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