Military Life · Stay-at-home-sometimes-solo Mom

Then There’s the Next Day

Well, about that taking it one day at a time thing…

When he wakes up early with a fever: and is crying “No school! No school!” on a morning he would be going to nursery. I know the sweet blogger thing to say is “poor guy, I feel so bad that he’s sick!” The tired momma who woke up even earlier to a bad dream about family and consoled herself with thoughts of a nap while the kiddo was away is saying “let’s watch some videos.”

When he pushes you after saying “NO!” to a diaper change: you remember that you’re the parent. That you have a chance to do something right. You kneel down to just above his eye level and tell him that it’s not OK to push, not mommy, not other children, no one, that if you really don’t want something you say “no thank you” and walk away. That he can choose to have his diaper changed now or in one minute. And when the timer goes off and he walks up to his room, you feel a glimmer of promise for the rest of the day.




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