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A Picture Post (and the PT Bomb)

No joke, I jumped for joy when I spotted the sun today. Walden dropped what he was doing and ran for the sun room. I started counting: one-Mississippi, two-Mississipi, three-Mississipi, four… and it was gone.

Need I say that the weather hasn’t been particularly cheerful?

But, hey, it’s England.

We’ve managed to stay busy and sneak in some fun with friends, mostly to motivate us to change out of our pajamas daily. Nursery drop off is finally going well (yay!). Though that doesn’t mean the Daddy Doll hasn’t been thrown to the floor from time to time.

Completely unrelated to the foggy, soggy, deployment blues… our 1998 Toyota 4Runner just rolled over 231,000 miles! I’m going to celebrate by picking up the deployment auto care voucher from the Airman & Family Readiness Center next week.

As for weekend plans, my child recently pulled down his pants, asked to sit on the toilet, then dropped a load, so, it looks like we’ll be potty training this weekend. I hope you have something much more glamorous planned?

Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “A Picture Post (and the PT Bomb)

  1. YAYYYYEEEE for being ready to potty train!! We are, sadly, nowhere near that stage yet. Just found our “pee pee” but have no clue what it does yet. Have a FUN weekend! :)

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