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A Morning Walk

The little guy and I may be finding our stride with mornings at nursery. Today he said “bye-bye” as soon as I took off his jacket, leaned in for a kiss, took his teacher’s hand and walked off to his room. He cried “mama” on the way, but the kid didn’t even bother to look back!

Mornings here lately have offered some beautiful light, the low golden light of autumn diffused through lingering fog. (I saw a rainbow in the grass the other day, people!) And since it was 10 degrees warmer this morning than last, I grabbed the camera and the dog and took a walk, headed down a National Cycle Network trail along the rapeseed fields.

It felt good to focus on the view and ignore the sound of morning traffic on the other side of the berry hedges, just me and Plato, at my pace. I could get used to it.


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