Toddlers (Again)

One of the Very Fun Things about being a stay-at-home toddler mom is observing the little guy at play (especially when he’s doing it happily and quietly by himself). It’s really something to watch him reach levels of intense concentration I seem to only be capable of when shopping for a new pair of boots online. And then it’s REALLY something to see the random task he makes up for himself.

For example. In the photo above, he’s using a Snow White PEZ dispenser (a father’s day gift to my husband from his mother, long story) to crush a cracker. Following this, he will hold Snow White’s face in the cracker crumbs to take a drink. (Yes, a drink.) Then he will ask for a cloth to clean it up. Then he will clean up the chair. Then he will clean up the crumbs off the bottoms of his feet. Then he will go find his school bus to drive off the edge of the coffee table, “CRASH! Uh-oh!”

It’s hilarious, the work he imagines, unless it’s nap time and he has decided his task is to scream “no, down, mama, no!” for a Very Long Time.

P.S. – Want to see the bump?


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