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Adventure Recovery Mode

After weeks of grandparental indulgence, sweet treats and cheeseburgers, exciting new toys and adventures, skipped and short naps, crib escapes, and time zone jumps, we are in serious need of getting settled into our usual routine. For him to catch up on sleep, for me to keep my sanity. There’s no way I can handle the next 2.5 months alone with a toddler who WILL press all of my buttons in hopes of getting what he wants, just like when we were back in America and someone would stay with him until he fell asleep enough to not climb out of his Pack & Play.

It’s time for a Mom Crackdown.

My little guy built the strength to climb out of his crib while we were away. The big one at home, that is. So he has attempted to use this new skill to avoid nap time that he so desperately needs.

I took out the center support so the mattress now rests on the floor. He’s too short to get a leg up over the railing.

Instead of climbing out and running downstairs because he can (or going to sleep quietly like he used to), he screams. It’s awful, I hate it, but the thing is, it has to be done. Sleep is SO important to his development at this young age, and we used to have a good thing going.

I know it’s his job as a toddler to test his limits. And goodness is he good at it. So I give him choices. Lay down now, or after reading one more book? “Five Little Ladybugs” or “The Best Mouse Cookie”? And then I remind him that he chose to lay down after one book when he protests.

Of course he wants to stay and read more books, or listen to me sing another song. The kid will stay awake for an eternity if there’s something to see or do.

In my world, taking an hour to go down for a nap or bedtime – when it used to take 20 minutes – isn’t acceptable. Not now, and especially not when there’s another kid on the scene. And ESPECIALLY because there’s no telling how many times I’ll have to put both of them to bed on my own.

It’s an ugly business right now. His fits stress me out and really bother the dog. But I know we’ll be back on track in a day or two and nap and bed times will get back to the sweet, peaceful snuggles they can be.

Then we’ll introduce the toddler bed and start a new adventure.

2 thoughts on “Adventure Recovery Mode

  1. Ooh boy nothing worse than adjusting to new sleep routines. I agree that I have no willingness to spend an hour to get a kid to sleep or especially nap! Transitioning to a toddler bed was really difficult for us, but after two looong weeks he finally got it down.

    We stayed at a hotel recently and I had no idea how he would handle his naps. Of course he didn’t, but I still insisted on quiet time. The first day I had him lie down with me on the bed and that was crazy because all he did was talk and move around. The second day he just sat and colored with his dad which I figured counted for rest time :)

    p.s. Okay how cute is that little guy wearing a tie and suit??? :D

  2. I figure a few missed naps aren’t so bad if the little guy is tolerable without them (and I can sneak in some rest somehow). Coloring with dad sounds pretty great!

    And, thanks, we found the suit to be irresistible. It was a hit at my sister-in-law’s wedding!

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